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Upper Hurstville is an Uptown New Orleans neighborhood running from Magazine Street to Prytania Street, between Exposition Boulevard and Nashville Avenue.

It is governed by two separate but related entities: the Upper Hurstville Neighborhood Association, which handles land use and other quality of life issues, and the Upper Hurstville Security District, a fee-supported board that contracts for private security patrols.

Attorney Karen Duncan is president of the neighborhood association and thus chair of the security district board.

Security District

The security district was created for a seven-year term on Nov. 15, 2003, after neighborhood voters passed it by a 71-percent margin on a vote of 360-149[1]. The fee began at $365 per parcel, but the district raised it to $485 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina[2].

The district needs renewal of the parcel fee that pays for the patrols in 2010, but has had difficulty getting the question on the ballot. The city was unable to submit technically incorrect language to the state in time for the spring mayoral elections, leading district officials - with the help of state Rep. Neil C. Abramson - to move the fee to the Oct. 2 election. The district then discovered another flaw in the language of the ballot question, and are seeking to correct in time for the Nov. 2 election[3].

Citing a partnership for some patrol shifts with the Audubon Area Security District, the Upper Hurstville Security District lowered the 2011 fee to $425 in late October 2010[4].


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